1 Successful Team

1 Successful Team

When it comes to marketing and design our team are leading the way. With a whopping 17 years in the industry we are experts in our own right.

Together we form a brand collective- a team that’s much greater than the sum of its parts. We have had our ups and downs but our amazing team has always got us through! To end the year we wanted to tell you more about our members and explain why together we have become an award winning creative brand and digital agency.



Kerry is the director of Happy Giraffe. She helps clients to communicate their wants, needs and expectations with the HG team! Kerry is usually the first port of call when it comes to introducing clients, and the delivery of their results.

Kerry is a strategic marketing whizz and always ensures our clients are happy and receiving the best service. She’s always operating at 100mph at work and in her social life; she’s ace at netball and loves to share her winning stories with us. Kerry always provides us with entertaining stories in the office and has us laughing! – Lily



Matt is not only a great boss, he also works hard developing top notch websites for our clients! If you’re looking for a custom, secure website for your company, look no further!

Matt is a creative genius!  Working alongside him has not only awoken my creative thinking, an element of my brain I forgot existed but, because I know he ‘has my back’ in every way I am even braver and more determined to succeed than ever before!

– Kerry



As senior designer, Ian works with our clients to ensure that all graphic design, both digital and print, is looking its best! He is an industry expert and is a cornerstone of the HG team!

Ian is the prankster of the office, always making us laugh in one way or another. He’s always telling dad jokes and does a cracking Scottish accent. Aside from his jokey ways, he’s the logo and design king, this is testament with this logo lounge wins and countless rebrands!

– Anita




Anita is our marketing whiz! She makes managing our clients look like a breeze and always brings a smile to the team.

“What would I do without Anita? She is a wonderful colleague who gets things organised. The queen of lists and getting things ticked off. My schedule for all the digital projects can get pretty chocka so having her assistance is invaluable. She is one of kindest and most considerate people I have met! Anita has brought a warm glow to the HG office (mainly because she is always freezing and cranks the heating up in summer!). She has a great taste in music too and I can always segway the office DJ’ing over to her.”

– Matt



Lauren is one of our fabulous graphic designers!  She has an excellent mind for concepts and hooks that instantly grab the attention of our clients!

“Every team needs a Lauren! Her positive attitude and mindset to thrive at every challenge makes office moral that extra bit higher. Although termed ‘graphic designer’ she’s invaluable across all areas and is always central in fueling the creativity. First to give a helping hand or honest (sometimes too honest!) feedback she’s naturally become the go-to for every team member. If anyone deserves a tweet to finally go viral, it’s our witty joker Lauren!!”

– Tash



Liam is our resident creative writer, working on copy and messaging for both HG and our clients. He also works closely with Dani to produce interesting and unique social media posts!

“Liam is very committed to his passions and always tries his absolute most, to not only achieve his goals, but excel them and go beyond. His individuality and confidence is vital to our problem-solving tasks, and he always does this with a smile and upbeat personality – which is definately contagious!!”

– Dani


Dani is the final corner of our designing trio. Dani creates amazing graphic assets for our clients and works with Liam on designing our fantastic social media designs!

“Dani is a hard working member of the team. She is very creative, full of fantastic ideas and an animation wizard, which is a great asset to the design team. She is that good she is now training the rest of the team! She is happy to take advice and just gets on with it, a real pleasure to work with.”

– Ian



Tash, our digital marketer! She works hard with digital pro Matt and the marketing team to produce top-notch work for our clients!

“Tash is an incredible colleague, she always keeps us smiling! She brings an amazing attitude to the office, no job is ever too big or too small and she doesn’t give up. Since starting, Tash has never been daunted by learning new skills, she is always eager to learn from others and grateful for all of the knowledge she quickly picks up!”

– Liam



Lily, our digital marketer!  She assists all the team and has very quickly become ace at social media strategies!

“Lily is a kind and thoughtful member of the team. Her sweet and gentle nature has brightened up the office since joining Happy Giraffe in September. She has fully immersed herself in all that we do, taking on responsibilities and contributing to creative sessions incredibly well considering she is new to creative agency life and at such a young age. She’s become a valuable asset to Happy Giraffe and has a bright future in marketing ahead of her.”



If you’d like to work with our lovely Happy Giraffe team and see how we can accelerate your marketing, get in touch with [email protected] or call 01384 394582.