11 Components of a Strong Brand

11 Components of a Strong Brand

A superior brand relies on strength and consistency, but what are the components of a brand and why are they needed?

Here are 11 essential building blocks of a brand:

1. Vision

What your ideas and intentions are behind your brand that will inspire you, your employees and your customers. The vision is incredibly important when it comes to the success of a brand as it’s the driving force for everything your business does and the reason for its existence.

2. Values

A set of guiding principles that shape every area of your business. Your values should be true to your company, reflecting who you are with phrases your clients can align with.

3. Brand promise

What your business is declaring to its clients, which should always be something you are able to fulfil. It is usually a statement made by a brand that explains to the consumer what they can expect when they buy your product or service.

4. Brand positioning

Refers to not only where you stand in the market but also where you sit in the customers’ minds. Do you want to be perceived as a luxury, expensive brand or will you be an indie brand that is all about the environment? If your brand positioning is off, your clients may feel like they are paying too much or you may be enticing the wrong type of client.

5. Brand personality

How a brand expresses itself with its personal characteristics. Do you want your clients to know that you are highly professional and sophisticated or do you need them to know they can be relaxed and carefree with you? Creating this brand personality ensures that you’re getting the right type of clients and they understand what your business is all about.

6. Key messages

What your potential customers hear and know about your brand straight away. It’s a great way to communicate your value proposition in a way that will resonate and be consistent with how you want to be known.

7. Straplines

One simple catchy sentence that sums up the essence of your brand and makes potential clients want to see more! It’s a great method to entice customers and point them towards the benefits of your business.

8. Visual identity

The visible elements of your brand like the fonts, shapes, colours and imagery that collectively form a representation of your brand. It should show the symbolic meaning of the brand and express the essential values.

9. Logo

Inarguably one of the most important steps when it comes to branding. It is what will be used on every post, every email sent, every webpage and every branded asset so it’s important that your logo looks great and portrays your message correctly.

10. Colour palette

Vitally important when trying to keep your branding consistent, it’s a certain set of colours which you will use on everything. When selecting a colour palette it’s advisable to think about colour psychology and what will match best with what your business does. The visual impact will resonate with customers so should be of great importance.

11. Tone of voice

The way you communicate with your clients. You may want to have a sense of humour or remain professional. You may speak to your clients using their full name or just their title. It’s important for this to remain consistent so your clients understand your message.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to creating that perfect brand and getting it right isn’t easy. Take a look at some of the well-rounded brands we have helped stand out in our portfolio.