12 Brand Archetypes

12 Brand Archetypes

Successful business to customer marketing means constantly trying to find ways to create a connection with your audience. Brand archetypes are personas that the customer can relate to.

Psychologist, Carl Jung, found archetypal figures throughout history and condensed them down into the figurehead personas that people understand and can relate to. Understanding the differences between these archetypes is what makes them a useful tool for a company.


Here are 12 of the most important archetypes you should know:


1. The Caregiver

A parental figure. Driven by their caregiving role, they support and care for their clients; offering protection and support for others.


2. The Creator

A visionary. They strive to bring their ideas to life. They are innovative and push boundaries to create something new and meaningful.


3. The Explorer

An adventurer. Ambitious and independent, they want to discover the world. They thrive on enlightening their clients and taking them on a journey of self-discovery.


4. The Hero

A superior. The hero is positive, brave and bold – They work to leave their mark on the world by supporting their clients.


5. The Innocent

A dreamer. They strive to be free and spread happiness to their clients. This generation of positivity and hope land them a firm spot in the hearts and minds of their clients.


6. The Jester

An eccentric. The jester enjoys living in the moment and strives to gather custom through whimsical imagery and quirky copy that uses humour and silliness to capture the attention of their audience.


7. The Lover

A sensualist. The lover works to invoke the senses of their clients through sensory provoking imagery and wording. They conjure the pleasures of humanity and attract their audience through a synaesthesia of sorts.


8. The Magician

A transformer. The magician is a charismatic visionary who attracts their customer’s attention through the promise of change. They help clients by utilising their specialist expertise.


9. The Disrupter

A rebel. The disrupter works their way to the top by showcasing what makes them different. They attract the attention of their clients by being brave and creating trends rather than following them.


10. The Realist

A regular person. The realist is down-to-earth and frill-free. They don’t try to innovate, simply because they don’t need to. There is a market for their products and they are confident that their client-base will choose them over others.


11. The Ruler

An authority. The ruler uses their power to captivate clients who look for a sense of success, no matter the cost. They radiate quality, purpose and order, producing nothing short of perfection.


12. The Sage

A teacher. The sage searches for knowledge so that they can be the expert in any situation. They are driven to help their clients through a tough time and guide them through to the other side.


Which one of these personas matches your brand? Are you happy with that, or do you need to change your personality to fit the persona that you want to be?