5 W’s

5 W’s

Starting a marketing campaign can be tricky, to help we have stripped it back to the basics.

Using the five W’s will help you establish the basics of an effective marketing campaign that can really resonate with your audience and give you the result your business needs.

These are the fundamental questions to consider when devising a campaign:

1. Who

Who is the audience that your business is trying to target?

Knowing this information helps ensure your communicating to the right people.

2. What

What are you going to do to get people engaged? Should you be using paid adverts or creating videos and animated content?
What marketing channel will you use? These could be sent through social media, out of home advertisements or email ads, to name a few.

Knowing this information will help you build a stronger presence with your target audience!

3. Where

Where are your customers and potential customers based? What is local to them and are they all based in one area?

If the answer to this question is yes, this should be taken into account when choosing the right channels.

4. When

When will you do it? What is your timeframe? Will your campaign start now and last for 6 months or will it be short-term and targeted.

Working out timescales will help you establish a stronger, more effective campaign that can flow better.

5. Why

Why are you trying to get people involved? Are you trying to make a sale, encourage clients to sign up to your newsletter or are you trying to raise awareness for something?

Knowing this will help you to understand the tone of the campaign, and how to best speak to the individuals you are targeting.

Using the five W’s will help you to plan and target an audience through campaigns, although this does not make it an easy task. If you need help with campaign planning or targeted social media, email Kerry@happy-giraffe.com