Brand Archetypes

Brand Archetypes

Brand archetypes summarise different personalities and is a useful tool to identify how brands compare with their competitors and if they are reflecting who they really are, or who they want to be.

We at Happy Giraffe understand the importance of Brand archetypes. It’s the look, feel, style, approach, values, philosophy and everything in-between. A brands personality tells its audience exactly who it is and what it stands for. 

Where does your brand sit within the Brand archetypes model? Is it where you want to be? Where are your competitors? Does your website, tone of voice, marketing and so on reflect who you really are? There are many questions and answers to be found within the Brand Archetype model.

The Maverick

The maverick archetype resembles brands that are radical, new and modern! These brands are always outspoken
and bold and out to change the world, sometimes even a force to be reckoned with. 

Maverick brands include:  

Red Bull




The Explorer

Explorer brands are all about discovery and adventure, they never conform to the normal and their campaigns usually
focus on showing the consumer what’s out there and possible. Most people think of freedom and revelation when they think of explorer brands. 

Explorer brands include:  

The North Face

Land Rover

Harley – Davidson


The Creator

Innovation, creativity and fun are the main goals of the creator brand archetype. Brands like these promote and encourage
their audience to use their imagination and
self-expression to create wonderful things.  

 Creator brands include:  





The Hero

Courage is one of the biggest hero archetype principles. When engaging with hero brand advertisement audiences feel strong and a masterful.  

 Hero brands include : 





The Magician

Wowing customers by highly evolved products and design is one of the main aims of the magician archetype. They use highly
evolved facts and cleverness combined with charisma to impress the audience. 

Magician brands include : 





The Sage

Wisdom is one of the main traits of sage archetype. They rely on understanding, intelligence and clarity to ensure consumers
fully trust their products and
services; most people think of sage brands to be wise also.  

Sage brands include:  





The Jester  

Humour is the main selling point in jester brands, they use originality and irreverence to create enjoyment within
customers through advertisements that capture consumer attention with silliness and giggles. 

Jester brands include:  



Old Spice 


The Lover

Lover brands create that sense of closeness and intimacy, they use the ideas of faithfulness, passion and sensuality to connect with the consumer.  

Lover brands include:  

Magnum Ice Cream


Haagen – Dazs 


The Nurturer

Also known as the caregiver, patience is key in the nurture brand archetype, revolving around empathy compassion and good service.
Consumers trust their products and feel as if they can rely on brands like these. 

Nurture brands include:    

John Lewis 


Age – UK 


The Regular Guy 

Regular guy branding leaves consumers feeling comfortable and normal, brands like these aim to create a sense of belonging in the
crowd and use respect and fairness 
to do so, this gives consumers that special familiar feeling. 

Regular guy brands include:  

PG Tips 




The Innocent  

Purity, trust, honesty and safety are just some of the main values of the innocent brand archetype. Brands like these make consumers
feel like they are warm, comfortable and part of the family. 

Innocent brands include:  





The Ruler 

The Ruler brand archetype uses power and confidence to assert dominance in their advertising. They empower their audience
in their advertising and help them to feel strong. 

Ruler brands include:  


This Girl Can



At Happy Giraffe we use this Brand archetypes model as part of our ‘THINK’ stage which is part of our simple but proven 3 step creative process: ’THINK’ - ’CREATE’ – ‘DELIVER’. We hold informative creative workshops with our clients where we delve into who they are, where they want to be, and why they want to be there - it’s then our job to provide them with all the tools and knowledge they could possibly need to ensure there personality shines through from business cards to websites, from social media posts to exhibition stands.

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