Small agencies vs large agencies – modest but mighty!

Small agencies vs large agencies – modest but mighty!

Bigger is not always better, often things that have the most value come in small packages! Small agencies vs large agencies, who should you use for your project?

Did you know that smaller agencies are now the preferred choice for big and small brands alike? Whether that’s due to smaller budgets, better relationships or a more creative and unique approach. Here at Happy Giraffe, we are a modest but mighty force. We deliver incredible creative work and offer fantastic value for money to businesses of all sizes. From SME’s to global corporations, we are the go-to team! Small agencies vs large agencies – here are our top reasons why we believe smaller really is better.


What you see is what you get.

Larger agencies use account teams as a barrier between clients and creative. Communication can often be restrictive due to a lack of time or a lack of skills to deal with needs or requests first hand. The client rarely meets or talks with the creative team and cannot build a relationship of meaning and trust in the team servicing their needs. 

This is not an issue with a smaller agency. Designers are there and involved from start to finish. 

At Happy Giraffe, our accounts team work collaboratively with designers, and you will have access to both from the outset. What you see is what you get with us. There is no pretence or hiding behind big brands or big offices. We are who we are and do what we say we will do. 

This is incredibly important to us to ensure we build quality and lasting relationships based on trust and mutual understanding. We offer personal experience, and every client matters. We do not prioritise we simply deliver. 


Simplicity = Speed

Smaller agencies are often looked over when it comes to large campaigns and projects. There is a misconception that small means inadequate, slow, or incapable of meeting an extensive complex brief’s demands. It couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Small agencies will only take on projects they know they can handle as their reputation so heavily relies on performing well for each project and client. A smaller agency will be transparent, so you know exactly what you will get and when. There is a much more streamlined review process in place with fewer roadblocks that come with larger teams. The agency will work collaboratively across all disciplines in the same space ensuring creativity is executed meticulously, on budget and on time. 



Communication between client and agency is often tedious and cumbersome with larger agencies. This is because of the number of people who play small roles in a project. There are also many barriers to overcome just to speak with the person you need. Larger agencies also have many more clients to deal with and therefore, can slow down the time it takes to deal with your needs. 

A smaller agency has the luxury of a small team that can quickly and efficiently deal with your needs. There are no barriers to speak with who you need to, and you are not just a number to the team, you matter as a client and therefore will be looked after.


Flexibility and agility

Smaller teams need to develop skills across multiple disciplines. Working on copy one day to illustrating the next. From managing accounts one day to populating a website the following. Teams need to fill in gaps as required to ensure deadlines are met, and clients are happy. 

This creates a powerhouse of confident staff in all areas of the services that the agency offers. It also results in a much more ‘can do’ attitude. As the team can delve into areas that would generally be out of there comfort zone, they are used to trying new things, learning on their feet, and adapting to new working ways. 

‘That’s not how we do things’ culture is often found in larger agencies due to internal practices and growth models. This ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work for small agencies who must adapt to survive. Small agencies do not force a client to adapt to the agency, they are flexible enough to adapt to them.


Genuine importance

Large agencies will happily flaunt their big brand clients hiding behind household names as proof they are the agency of choice, but what about their smaller accounts? 

Smaller agencies will work tirelessly, whether you are a big brand or start-up. Every client is as important as the last. There are no priorities, just a philosophy of simply deliver. There is no contingency plan, there are no blurred lines. If they have a deadline, they will meet it! They understand that every client is an opportunity for referrals and a chance to showcase their talents to win more work. 

Larger agencies are not under such pressures and as a result, can often fall short on creativity and innovation.

Every client a small agency has is needed to impact on revenue. Happy Giraffe takes on the clients required for a healthy income to ensure our continued success while remaining modest and maintaining our happy work culture and philosophy.


Bursting with creativity and ideas

As a smaller agency where every project counts, the team are under more pressure to create, innovate and break the mould! With teams having to be multi-disciplined ideas will often flow like a tsunami. The tireless work ethic will ensure it does not stop until the eureka idea has arrived! 

Small agencies work together with precision and laser focus, sharing skills and ideas. Senior-level creatives work with juniors collaborating and combining young fresh ideas with seasoned and experienced approaches. 

The collaborative nature creates an open atmosphere where everyone feels confident in throwing out their ideas, from Apprentices to Managing Directors. The group is a hive of opinions, with multiple perspectives, training and experiences that you just don’t get in a larger agency.


Saving Money

Put simply, smaller team = fewer overheads = better value for money. Large agencies need to cover the costs of all their staff and overheads. They also have a more complicated process adding to the time required to ultimately deliver the project’s cost. Another extra cost with a larger agency is the standardised package offers. You may pay for services that are not required or sacrifice services as your budget can’t stretch. Larger agencies do not need to be flexible as your business is not crucial to their survival.  

A small agency will offer you a unique package based precisely on what your requirements are. Every quote is meticulously thought out and given valuable time to ensure what you are provided covers the brief and does not over service your needs. 


Why our team choose to work for a small agency

“The work-life balance is pretty bad in a large agency, you are expected to work late every day and often give up your weekends. Also, in a large agency, you are a small fish in a big pond. To succeed, you need to be a big personality, as everyone is competing to be heard. This results in quieter but just as brilliant voices being squashed. ”
Anita, Account Manager and Strategist

 “I have worked in both large and small agencies throughout my career and have found smaller agencies, particularly Happy Giraffe, to be a lot friendlier. Clients are not just a number or a cog in the machine, they are cared about, and I like how much more contact I have with them. I can turn jobs around quickly instead of following arduous and archaic procedures and often get the opportunity to cross-discipline and learn new skills from colleagues. You would never get that in a large agency!
Ian, Studio Manager and Senior Designer 

 “I know that the power of a small team can do really great things. We stop at nothing, and never give up, constantly evolving to progress. We collaborate to ensure everyone is involved, and our attention to detail is second to none. A smaller team allows us to be hands-on with the most senior member of the agency involved in our clients’ accounts. Remaining small allows us to be regional experts and therefore carry strong local knowledge. No task is too big or too small. I love how we have the flexibility to negotiate our price and offer great value for money. Every client, big or small, is treated the same, providing an outstanding service.”
Kerry, Client Services Director 

We want to be clear, we don’t think large agencies are terrible and unable to service your needs! We just want businesses to understand how beneficial it is to work with a smaller agency and not automatically assume ‘the bigger, the better’. A smaller agency is more than qualified to meet your needs from one-off projects to retainers… We’re modest but mighty!
To find out more about Happy Giraffe, there is no better place to look than our portfolio where you can see a selection of our mighty work we have done for some of our clients.