West Midlands Combined Authority
case study

The challenge: To develop a communications plan for productivity and skills that addresses businesses, residents and stakeholders.


We developed the 4.2 million #WMSTRONG campaign for the West Midlands Combined Authority to raise awareness of the careers and training opportunities available to the residents of the WMCA community. The drive is to move more unemployed people into employment and develop our employed people to move into higher skilled careers.

This movement supports the growth of businesses and enhances the productivity and skills of WMCA, and ensure that all communities within the Combined Authority will benefit from the region’s economic growth. Our concept encapsulates the whole community of the WMCA showing solidarity and that together, we are #WMSTRONG. It embraces every individual, promoting inclusivity for a strong, happy and healthy future for all.

4.2 million

The campaign branched out into four targeted sectors: Youth, Employer, Construction and Construction Learner. Encapsulating these under an umbrella brand, we designed the black and white collage made up of individual headshots to unify the 4.2 million people that together form the Combined Authority, showcasing the diversity of all ages, genders, races and religions. We are all part of the 4.2 million.

Power to change your story

We want to give the West Midlands the confidence to know they can change their story. They have choices, from a disadvantaged child heading down a life of crime to a 40 year old who wants to progress in their career and make life more comfortable for them and their family.

You belong

This is a powerful reinforcement to the 4.2Million #WMSTRONG. You belong to the West Midlands. You matter. You have the Power. The campaign directly speaks to every member of the Combined Authority, undiscriminating and all-inclusive. The statement is telling the audience that they belong to this campaign, they are apart of this community and they deserve opportunities as much as any other.


Social media influencers hold the key to accessing specific target audiences that the WMCA are aiming to reach out to. There is a pool of engaged followers that take notice of what influencers have to say that can be tapped into with the right influencer and approach. By virtue of the authenticity of an influencer the WMCA will gain access to a much wider audience.

The primary advantage of working with influencers is that they create quality content that their audience is already invested in. An influencer is seen as being an expert in their niche and holds power in what they choose to promote. They understand their followers and the best way to bring about awareness of a brand, product or campaign.

We recommended the use of nano and micro influencers for the higher level of engagement (approx. 18.5%) to help change mindsets and educate the audiences into making the right decision and using their power to change lives.

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