Ian Hayes

Ian Hayes

You’re in safe hands with Ian, with experience ranging from international exhibitions to art direction and illustration, our Ian is a highly accomplished citizen of the creative world who also has an uncanny understanding of what can be achieved in print.

When Ian is not at work creating wonderful things he can be found creating epic doodles and hanging out with his two boys and lovely wife.

Just ask Matt, her favourite thing about Ian is the reliability he brings to Happy Giraffe -

“Ian is a safe pair of hands – his countless years of design experience means that over the years he’s probably forgotten more than his peers actually know!”

Katie values Ian’s guidance and support as a senior designer -

“Ian is a pillar of knowledge, and he’s a huge helping hand. You only have to call his name and he’s there before you can click your fingers. Unless it’s his tea round – he always goes missing around that time!”

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