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How do you take a highly technical solution and make it easier to understand?


Our starting point was to undertake research to examine and try to understand how the technology would be used by customers. Focus groups and a series of potential customer interview helped focus our attention on the core positioning – improving the customer journey.

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What’s in a name?

Developing the company name was key, finding appropriate URLs and ensuring that the name could be trademarked was the overriding priority. After much debate and a few late nights buzzeasy was born. In addition we developed a strong tag line to ensure that the spirit of the brand was conveyed to customers – defy expectations

Making it easy for people

From a creative brand perspective the brief had become very clear, the solution helped customers to get on with their busy lives and not waste time hanging around on the phone so our visual style and graphical elements sprung to life. Although this is a business-to-business solution it operates and works with end customers so the look and feel is quite consumer focused.

Buzzeasy brand assets app design

Bringing it to life

One of the difficulties we had was trying to convey the use of the solution across different platforms. Our solution was to develop six scenarios that explain how potentially the solution can be used. To bring this to life we then introduced our illustrated cartoon style.

Buzzeasy Asset Design

The result

A stunningly fresh and vibrant solution, clearly positioned and with a very clear proposition in the marketplace with a name that is both memorable and descriptive of the solution.

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