Collective Fitness

Collective Fitness is an ‘in the gym’ training app split into four programmes that target different stages of peoples fitness journeys. They are a community of like-minded people working towards a healthier and happier future, making exercise a lifestyle not just a means to an end.

In anticipation of their upcoming app launch, they approached us to develop their brand strategy and create a compelling, thought-provoking and fun brand identity to launch the new business, create a buzz and drive brand awareness to sell their app.

As each fitness programme targets a unique user, we needed to tailor the brand to address those specific audiences and speak as the overarching Collective Fitness brand. Following our creative process of THINK, CREATE, DELIVER, we produced a distinctive tone of voice, colour palette, and photography style for each programme powered by the Collective Fitness ethos. The result, a bold and bright brand, setting itself apart from its competitors.

In addition to this, Happy Giraffe developed a strategic marketing plan to launch the app along with a customer referral campaign, a Shopify site, landing pages, animations, plus branded clothing and other promotional products. All of which we packaged up in a shiny brand tool kit ready for the Collective Team to hit the ground running!

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