FMA Process Engineering Solutions

Original equipment manufacturer FMA Process Engineering Solutions came to us to inject new life into its brand. After getting under the skin of the business, we concentrated on its unique selling proposition (USP) –  bespoke solutions for each project, in contrast to its competitors, who offered standard packages.

We worked with FMA to develop a brand identity including a new strapline, market-focused icons, stylish photography and quotations that honed in on people and the power of building face-to-face relationships.

We rolled out the new brand across FMA’s marketing material, and launched a new website which helped the business stand out in the engineering world.

fma top banner
fma quote banner
fma sketches half image
fma font half image
fma services
fma animating icons
fma mobile screen 1 FMA mobile 2 fma mobile screen 3 fma mobile screen 4 fma mobile screen 5 fma mobile screen 6
fma website 1
fma web screen 2
fma website 3
fma website 4
fma website 5
unconventional wisdon
fma before logo
fma after logo

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Find out more about the brand story, and the journey we went on to get the results at our blog

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