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LHH – Lee Hecht Harrison

How can you use existing staff enthusiasm to create a meaningful brand?

Happy Giraffe - LHH Brochure Design

Global talent development and career transition firm, Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), arrived in the UK like a lost child: its employees loved it, yet it lacked a true identity of its own. We undertook competitor analysis and channelled LHH employees’ devotion to build a meaningful brand that is positively beaming with emotional connectivity. We achieved all this in just a few weeks.


Getting customer and staff feedback on the brand was our starting point. This enabled us to fully understand the offer and commitment that staff bring to working at LHH and their impact within the businesses they work in.

Talent is our world

This passion, commitment and caring needed to be brought to life in the new brand and led us to develop a new positioning statement summed up in the strapline – Talent is our World. This captured the parental nature of the brand and was translated to the whole look and feel. BUT we also wanted to ensure that the impact of services was clearly articulated to all.

A matter of fact

So soft colours, rounded fonts and a caring tone of voice have been paired with BIG facts and figures to hammer home the key points. Visually a range of abstract images and statements were used to hook potential clients into the brand and to then demonstrate the impact that services have both on the individual and the businesses and organisation they work in.

Happy Giraffe - LHH Brochure Design

Responsive blogging

Having created the brand, LHH then needed to ensure that its voice was heard loud and clear. So we worked with them to develop a responsive blog on a fully integrated platform that allows them to get their views and personality out to the wider world.

LHH Brochure Design

Happy Giraffe - LHH Brochure Design


A connected brand fuelled by personality and love, for a company which has just celebrated its best month yet and staff morale is at an all-time high.