Stir Café & Bistro
case study

How do you create a brand to excite young learners to try homemade, healthy food and design an environment to encourage aspirational learning?

Stir building
Stir logo

Take the obvious

As a new edition to the Dudley Learning Quarter, the Enhance building was in need for a communal area for learners to spend their spare time and enjoy homemade food cooked and prepared by the in-house catering learners at Dudley College of Technology.

First things first – deciding and putting in place a cafe and bistro. A small, friendly and in-expensive restaurant with a bistro feel, was decided as the perfect environment to inspire young learners from all ages and courses to socialise and work from. So Stir cafe & Bistro was created…

Stir logos

Add a cup full of brains

The personality and brand story was cooked up to inspire learners to think outside the box, experiment in their studies and be their unique self.

Stir splash
stir artwork

A generous pinch of imagination

From establishing the personality, the creative journey was inspired by the journey of cooking. Inspired by the name, Stir, the key was in expressing the experimentation in the kitchen as well as the passion that goes into each meal. The colours were inspired by the spices and varieties of food served in the kitchen and anchored by the splatters of paint that communicates the food being cooked up, played with and coming together to create a delicious meal. To contract the spontaneous paint and tropical colour scheme, we created a hand-drawn, modern structure to reflect the modern architecture and engineering of the Embrace building along with the STEM courses on offer for the learners study.

Stir artwork

Stir well and bring to the boil

Contrasted with the organic, experimental design, we finalised the look and feel with a STEM and industrial feel to fit in with the Bistro’s surrounding engineering, maths and science facilities as the bistro was finished with steel seating, beams and bucket lighting.

Along with the new look and feel, we also designed and sourced wall and window graphics, table settings, uniforms, menus, business card, comment cards and signage.

Stir artwork
Stir menu
Stir cup

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