How the giraffes approach things...

We have a proven process that gets results. We dig deep into the depths of your business to identify exactly who you are, what makes you tick and what is stopping you grow. Just take a look at our track record – it simply speaks for itself!


Identify – This is where the preparation starts. We need to pinpoint the whos, the whats, the whens, the wheres and the whys.

Inform – We then need to work out who your customer is, what do they want, when do they buy, where do they buy and why.

Invent – We then devise a master plan to grow your brand.


Translate – we use our creative design and writing skills to visually and verbally interpret your unique brand, bring it to life and tell your story.

Touch – No matter what is needed to convey your message we will deliver every last detail with tangible things that connect with your customer – websites, stationery, literature, signage, point of sale etc.


Flick the Switch – You’ve got it, so let’s flaunt it! We support you to ensure that your brand is launched internally and externally through united campaigns that deliver real results.