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Lord Almighty

How do you create a craft beer that can stand out in an increasingly crowded drinks market?

Life’s an adventure

The legend of Lord Almighty was born out of a need to tell a story strong enough to match the character of its founders and its range of unique and exciting beers. Tireless hours of research, competitor analysis and a dash of inspiration led to the matching of the brand with the Danish explorer Peter Freuchen. Adventure is at the heart of brand, the heart of the beer and the heart of its drinkers, making a solid and formidable force in the craft beer marker.

Ursus Stout Label Design - Lord Almighty by Happy Giraffe

Lord Almighty

Lord Almighty’s personality weaves through the brand and his status as the ‘World’s most accomplished adventurer’ ties it together tightly. We believed that a fictional character could make Lord Almighty stand out, but we didn’t realise how powerful it would become until we started to write folk stories for the beer labels that captured the imagination of the audience and turned the brand into an unstoppable force.

Lord Almighty is a maverick, dedicated to living life, taking risks and breaking ground wherever he goes. These attributes are reflected in the beer using a range of ingredients that deliver truly unique flavours and tastes.


Illustrations and hand drawn fonts

It was immediately apparent that the packaging needed an authentic hand crafted illustration style to do justice to the epic stories for each beer. Key elements of the tales were combined with a hand rendered logo and a rustic, earthy colour scheme to echo the adventurous nature of the brand.

Lord Almighty Logo Design

Story telling

A vital piece of the brands success lay in the copy tone. An informal and engaging copywriting style was developed that spoke to drinkers on a personal and human level, using the hyperbole to spark imaginations and stir excitement. Pop culture references were scattered around the stories as fun exaggerations about Lord Almighty, such as “Lord Almighty chopped the mountain down with the edge of his hand” which keen eyed drinkers would recognise from the Jimi Hendrix song ‘Voodoo Chile’.

Drink it in…

The result is a unique brand based on a strong essence with the ability to tell exciting stories about each of the beers. Each bottle of beer is a work of art that shares an adventure with an adventurous soul.