pbLearning specialises in apprenticeships and works with businesses to improve the skills and know-how of their workforce. The pbLearning process involves getting to know the client, how they operate, and the management of the whole apprenticeship process, including the apprentice development and assessment programme.

Happy Giraffe first worked with pbLearning’s parent company, pitchblue, and was brought on board to create a brand, brochure and website for the new venture. The work targeted companies employing 16-24 year olds to help them understand the opportunities and benefits of workplace training and development.

We developed a fresh visual identity which reflected pbLearning’s focus on creating a ‘can do’ world in which people do their jobs better and therefore perform better. This inspired us to create a brand that was confident, bold and approachable to the modern market.

We also wanted to communicate a journey: the individual pathways and obstacles that an apprentice may encounter. The graphical lines and geometric shapes were key to illustrating pbLearning’s expertise in helping young people overcome these challenges.

pb learning logos large
pb logo animation
pb learning brochure half image
pb learning icon animation
pb learning mobile 4 pb learning mobile 3 pb learning mobile 2 pb learning mobile 1

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