2 Seconds To Impress

2 Seconds To Impress

You have approximately 2.6 seconds to make an impact on a potential client so you need to use this time wisely by incoporating striking content that hooks their attention straight away.

First impressions are everything! Even at a glimpse it should communicate the intended message. Some popular forms of engaging content for website landing pages can include videos and images, artwork and animations.

Top tips to make an instant impact:

1. Be a trend setter

Web design trends and techniques change regularly, but at Happy Giraffe we try to get ahead and set the trends, this way when our clients’ audience view their website they should hopefully have their attention grabbed instantly by something that stands out from the crowd.

2. Tell them what you do, fast!

In a snapshot your site should get the crux across to the user immediately. This should happen for every page too. Having concise main headings can do this well, however imagery and visual assets can bolster the message you need to communicate.


But what happens once you have their attention?

Using trend setting techniques is one thing, but the simple rule we adhere to with every web project is to communicate the unique brand personality of the organisation.

We all know that branding is not just in the presence of a logo or corporate identity. Your websites content including tone of voice, information, calls to action, headings, navigation, imagery and usability are all factors that affect the experience of your target audience. We carefully consider all these items planning a site development and make sure they can personify and communicate the brand in a unique way.

So our advice would be if you are passionate about your brand avoid the prebuilt, off the shelf website builders and subscriptions that you just upload your logo on to. Have our team of brand experts with awesome web design and development skills create your site tailored for you.


We have a great legacy of creating bespoke websites that can be seen in our portfolio.