3 Agency Choices

3 Agency Choices

Lots of companies struggle with knowing “agency etiquette”. Take a look at our guide to help with your decision-making process.

How many agencies should you be contacting initially to compare cost, concepts and pricing? Whether it be a new brand or a rebrand, don’t be afraid to dip your toe into the creative marketing pond.

Below we’ve answered common queries when thinking of partnering with a creative agency:

1. Where to start?

Take yourself over to agency websites and social media, have a good look at their portfolios. Try to find aspects of their previous work that you like or dislike, this will naturally whittle down the results.

You should be looking for diversity in their work, both in design and copy. Each of the brands that they have created should look different, but shine individually. After all, branding is an investment and if done well should hold longevity.

You should consider the agencies that offer the best quality for your price point. In the age where anyone can have a professional looking site, you don’t want to standout for the wrong reasons.

2. How to choose?

Once you have a selection of agencies that can offer what you need, start to look at their core values. Make sure that they resonate with your business and offer you the support that you are going to need!

We recommend speaking with a maximum of three agencies then arranging a meeting with your favourite choice to scope out their creative process. It’s important that you align with their working style and can build a good rapport as marketing projects take a lot of teamwork for both parties.

3. What to expect?

Once you’ve picked your agency, you can expect for them to meet with you to develop project research to inform the project creative brief and then begin working up concepts. You can expect a few iterations of concepts, for example 3 brand logos, one safe option, one a little daring and then one logo that pushes the boundaries. As a client your honest feedback should be valued and taken into consideration before further amendments are made. It’s important to look through the designers work carefully, if you don’t understand why they have included something, ask them – there will be a good reason.


Finding an agency shouldn’t be stressful. On the whole, we are all very friendly and professional people who love the thought of fresh challenge!

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