4 Trend Predictions

4 Trend Predictions

As a creative agency, we are always looking for inspiration that can be translated into brand imagery, but what trends are we forecasting for 2020? Read on to find out.

Creating memorable design is always a top priority for any designer. Staying ahead of the design curve means that you are consistently producing fresh ideas that stand out amongst the competition.

Here are 4 Graphic design trends to look out for:

1. 3D gradient logos

The 3D logo trend is by no means a new concept. Using a 3D gradient on a logo gives it life and vibrancy. The latest trend in 3D logos is the tapered gradient, which occurs when the gradient ends in a central point, allowing the colour contrast to standout, creating depth in the object.

2. Retro logos

It’s time to whip out the DeLorean on your logo repertoire, because they are coming back to the future! Whether its grunge, groovy or gnarly, the past is making a comeback for logo designs and you should be taking note. Gathering inspiration from the past and using it to generate a new logo is a great way to give your target audience a sense of nostalgia, creating an emotional connection before even knowing what your brand can offer them.

3. Kinetic logos

Today, the animated logo is much more elaborate than before, blending traditional 2D animation with the more technologically advanced 3D animation. Using animation within a logo, even subtly, draws the eye in and makes a person think about the logo for longer, thus making you more memorable. This animation can also be used as an opportunity to tell potential clients a story about your company!

4. Minimalism

Have you noticed that all of your favourite brands are starting to look similar, stripping back to a basic colour scheme and a simplified logo? Minimalism is the trend that is sweeping branding, with thin line work becoming particularly popular along with mono colouring (black and white) . Minimalism offers a clean and futuristic visual that is equally effective on both digital and print platforms.

To see how our 2020 brands are inspired by these trends, keep your eyes peeled on the updates to our portfolio and social media.