A true ad-venture: Separating the April Fools from the Sales Tools

A true ad-venture: Separating the April Fools from the Sales Tools

April came with a wave of laughs and light-hearted creativity – April Fool’s Day.

This month, brands pull out all the stops with clever pranks and campaigns designed to surprise, delight, and connect with consumers. However, there is still room for some serious marketing magic amidst the facades. Either way the ads we have cherry picked for you this month all generated buzz, Sparked conversations and definitely left a lasting impression.

Easy Jet Holibobs instead of Easy Jet Holidays

EasyJet Holidays decided to throw a brilliant curveball for April Fool’s Day with a total rebrand to easyJet Holibobs. The company cited extensive market research (including 35 million TikTok searches for “Holibobs”) to justify their strategic move to switch. With this, they promised a range of extensive “Holibobs” to suit everyone at any time of year with all sorts of cringe-worthy and trendy slang riddled within their mock press release. This light-hearted campaign delivered a humorous message whilst also promoting easyJet as the go-to for an unforgettable getaway.


Coca-Cola’s New Crumpled Logo to Inspire Recycling

Coca-Cola was crushed this month… but in a good way. Taking a bold approach to sustainability, Coca-Cola distorted their iconic logo to mimic a recycled can. This distorted logo was displayed on billboards and featured in their own video showcasing the process of their can being compressed with the logo warping during the process. This creative campaign was created in an effort to remind viewers and consumers to recycle. While the act of recycling a can isn’t a new concept, the campaign’s artistic execution aligns wonderfully with their “World Without Waste” goals of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.


Currys launches a mouth-watering recycling scheme ‘Curries for tech’

Currys offered a delicious (but fake) program called “Curries for Tech” where customers could trade in their gadgets for a complimentary, tech-themed curry like the “Air Fried-Aloo”, “Mixer Masala”, Crock Pot-tato Vindaloo” or “Currys Curry”. This whimsical campaign played on the occasional confusion about their store name (“Currys”) and the universal love for a good curry. While Currys doesn’t actually serve food their “Curries for Tech” was a ingenious way to reminds us of their Cash for Trash program, a real initiative that rewards responsible e-waste recycling.


McDonald’s “Pre-Nug Agreement” Puts Friendships & Relationships to the Test

“The Pre-Nug Agreement” is a hilarious social-first campaign from McDonalds addressing the unspoken rules of sharing McNuggets. A Mockumentary style short film showcased depicted best friends navigating the emotional and logistical challenges of sharing these beloved nuggets. This campaign was supported with an Instagram filter for fans to “sign” their own agreements. McDonalds was able to tap into a relatable with engagement from its viewers and humour as playfully acknowledged the universal struggle to resist gobbling up McNuggets solo.


KFC Diversifies into Fragrance for Charity

KFC took an unconventional approach to brand awareness with their launch of “No 11 Eau de BBQ. This limited-edition fragrance was created with the essence of a backyard barbecue in mind featuring familiar scents of “Smokey wood and charcoal notes”. Available in 100ml bottles in the KFC shop, all proceeds are reported to be going to The KFC Foundation which grassroots organisations that equip young people with the skills and resources to succeed in their future. This surprising brand extension has undoubtedly generated significant buzz for the brand and is likely to become a collector’s item!


Tinder’s new VP role to battle ghosting and champion clear communication.

This role doesn’t actually exist, but you’ll want to read about it! In a hilarious April Fool’s prank, Tinder announced the creation of a new “Vice President of Ghost Hunting.” This fictitious role was tasked with tackling the epidemic of ghosting (the act of abruptly disappearing from someone’s life without explanation) and breadcrumbing (sending out small bits of attention, like “breadcrumbs,” to keep another person interested without ever fully committing to a relationship). Even though the position is a fabrication, this light-hearted campaign playfully addressed a relatable dating challenge using wit and creativity while slyly promoting features within the app that can help users keep conversations going.

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