ROAR-some Apprenticeships At Happy Giraffe

ROAR-some Apprenticeships At Happy Giraffe

Here at Happy Giraffe, we have two incredible apprentices. Both joining us last year, they are over halfway through gaining their qualifications with us in Digital Marketing and have become valuable assets for our team. Although they are both doing similar apprenticeships, their roles differ incredibly. Learn more about Tash and Lily below.


Why an apprenticeship?

Lily – I wanted to kickstart my career but University wasn’t for me, so I thought an apprenticeship would be perfect for getting ahead while gaining valuable qualifications.

Tash – An apprenticeship has allowed me to change the direction of my career whilst still being able to earn and gain a formal qualification – giving me the best of both worlds. I’m getting hands-on experience within the industry which will hopefully lead to a permanent position within the team.


Why did you choose marketing?

Lily – Marketing has always been of interest to me due to my creative nature. I firstly didn’t know a lot about the industry, but after some research into different types of marketing, I knew it was the career choice for me. I have been with Happy Giraffe for 12 months now and love working with social media and learning about ways to speak to different audiences and manage accounts. Choosing a marketing apprenticeship has led me to my future career in Social Media Marketing.

Tash – The reason I chose to do marketing was to allow me to further expand on my previously gained knowledge acquired from studying Business Studies at A-Level. Working in my family business, I also realised my creative skills while designing jewellery and developing the company website, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This helped guide my career choice, and I now know that I want to continue in marketing while incorporating design into what I do. Have you seen my #ChallengeTash work? Check it out on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!


What is your apprenticeship like what do you do day to day?

Lily – I mainly manage social media accounts but have now started designing posts and videos. I have developed a tactical plan and measure how posts are performing through set KPIs. I frequently liaise with designers to generate ideas and create social media posts that are engaging and relevant.

Tash – No two days are ever the same, which means I am always progressing, and as a company, we are never standing still. I work with both the digital and design team; my day can vary from carrying out market research to creating animations or developing websites. I’m currently enjoying furthering my design skills and look forward to what tomorrow brings!


What have you enjoyed most about being at Happy Giraffe?

Lily – I enjoy being guided by the team to create social media posts and content that catches the attention of our target audience. This job allows me to stay creative and offers me the freedom to generate new and exciting content for our blog. I am effectively the company’s voice on social media, so although it is a lot of responsibility, I thoroughly enjoy my role.

Tash – I enjoy being part of a creative team where I can express my ideas and always be challenged. The dynamic nature of what we do and working in collaboration with different members of the team allows me to thrive and break the mould with my creativity and innovation. This, in turn, helps produce great work for our clients and exceed their expectations.


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about our ROAR-some staff – if you are interested in becoming an apprentice or think you would like to work at Happy Giraffe why not send us your CV to We always keep applicants on file for future opportunities as we understand how difficult it can be to find work within the creative industry.