Brand Refresh – Why is it important?

It’s a brand new year in a brand new decade, and there is no better time to be thinking about injecting new life into your businesses’ old and tired branding.

This short article will help you navigate your way through why your business might need a rebrand, what is involved and how it will benefit your business in the future.


Firstly, it is important to know exactly what might be involved in the rebranding process. Rebranding a company can be made as individual and cost-effective as you prefer to make it; you are in control. However, it’s important to remember that your brand showcases who you are, thus a rebrand is an investment for your company.

Rebranding is the development of marketing strategy which traditionally will include but is not limited to:

Fresh logo

A fresh logo gives your business a new look, and a more professional look can improve your reputation as a business and help you grow. The new logo was one of the most important features of the Florence Nightingale Foundation project and it was necessary to put the world’s most famous nurse first.

New website

A website that performs well with optimum user experience is crucial, it is estimated 53% of mobile users leave the webpage if it fails to load within three seconds. Here at Happy Giraffe, all of our websites are thoroughly tested from the start of the build and are custom built with your businesses’ needs in mind, so you can rest assured your users are getting the best experience.



Strong brand identity

Brand identity refers to the way that your business visually appears and helps ensure your brand is memorable and stands out from its competitors. With approximately 65% of the population being visual learners, this shows how important it is to be clear through your brand identity and messaging.

There can be many reasons to rebrand, such as new management or a major change in the way your business runs. Your business could benefit from an all-new reputation that puts you miles in front of your competitors if rebranded with the right research.

An effective rebrand needs lots of research. Before anything else, you need to deeply understand what your business goals are, who your target audience is, why you stand out from your competition and how your budget can be spent most efficiently. Once these questions are answered, you can begin the journey to a stronger brand. Agencies can help you achieve this step by analysing your competitors and holding exploratory workshops with your team; the insights from this research will then fuel your rebrand and help create a tailored marketing strategy that is best suited to your business.

For tips on how to find the right branding agency for you, check out our agency choices article for more information on how to find that ‘perfect partnership’ agency.

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