Marching to Marketing Success

Marching to Marketing Success

March has been a month filled with advertising magic, and we’re excited to share our favourite ads that have captured our attention and imagination!

We believe it’s crucial for our clients to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the world of marketing. By keeping a finger on the pulse of industry innovations and campaigns, you gain valuable insights and inspiration that can inform your own marketing strategies. Understanding what’s happening in the marketing landscape allows you to stay ahead of the curve, identify emerging trends, and capitalise on new opportunities.

In today’s dynamic and competitive market, staying informed is not just an advantage—it’s essential for success. Find out what has captured our attention in the world of marketing this March!

Aardman and BBC’s Captivating New Films

In a delightful collaboration between Aardman and the BBC, audiences are treated to a series of heart-warming new films that capture the essence of the UK’s most cherished BBC content. With charming stop-motion clay characters and real voices from BBC viewers, these films offer a unique and entertaining perspective on the shows and stories that resonate with audiences across the nation. From a family of clay hamsters in Port Talbot who are avid fans of Casualty, to a father and son canine duo from Paisley eager to ‘Race Across The World’, each film is filled with warmth, humour, and genuine affection. As part of the BBC’s Things We Love campaign, these films not only celebrate the diverse tastes and interests of BBC audiences but also highlight the invaluable role that the BBC plays in bringing joy and connection to communities throughout the UK. With their unmistakable creative flair, Aardman has once again captured the hearts of viewers, delivering a delightful blend of nostalgia, charm, and storytelling magic.


Surreal Cereal’s Innovative Marketing Breakthroughs

Surreal Cereal’s marketing strategy is a testament to their ingenuity and creativity, particularly evident in their clever use of Out-of-home billboard ads. Beyond simply promoting their sugar-free cereals, they have succeeded in captivating audiences across generations with their witty and engaging copy. By introducing concepts like the Super Bowl to a British audience in an entertaining manner, Surreal Cereal demonstrates a keen understanding of their target market and a commitment to delivering memorable brand experiences. This approach not only showcases their brand creativity but also highlights their ability to connect with a diverse range of consumers, proving that effective marketing transcends generational boundaries.


Richmond sausages roll out new £2.6m “Good Times” Campaign

Richmond is gearing up for an exciting new chapter with their latest £2.6m marketing campaign, “Good Times”. This campaign, which encompasses a TV ad, video-on-demand, outdoor posters, social media, and in-store promotions, aims to highlight the brand’s rich heritage while looking forward to the future of Richmond, including its meat-free range. Chris Doe, UK marketing and innovation director at Pilgrim’s Food Masters, the brand’s owner, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The launch of our ‘Good Times’ communications platform marks the start of a new era for Richmond.” He emphasised the brand’s evolution to become a broader mealtime choice while maintaining its emotional appeal. With a focus on treasured moments and comfort food, the campaign celebrates the brand’s 130-year legacy and its ongoing commitment to providing quality products for families across the UK.


Specsavers’ Edinburgh OOH Stunt Steals the Spotlight

Specsavers’ latest OOH advertising stunt in Edinburgh has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media and beyond. The sight of their van ensnared by a retractable bollard not only elicited chuckles but also strategically underscored the enduring resonance of the brand’s iconic tagline, “Should have gone to Specsavers.” This clever manoeuvre didn’t just generate buzz; it showcased Specsavers’ knack for creative marketing and its ability to engage audiences in unexpected ways. As social media feeds lit up with commentary and industry experts lauded the campaign’s ingenuity, Specsavers once again demonstrated its capacity to captivate attention and reinforce its brand identity with humour and flair.


British Airways Embark on a Journey of Originality

British Airways’ newest campaign, “A British Original,” unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of travel in shaping personal narratives. Spearheaded by an emotive TV advert directed by award-winning filmmaker Miles Jay and accompanied by Saint Saviour’s poignant music, the campaign resonates deeply with audiences by capturing the essence of journeying and its profound influence on individuals’ lives. Through heartfelt storytelling and captivating visuals, the campaign not only celebrates British Airways’ rich heritage but also reaffirms its commitment to championing authenticity and originality throughout every aspect of the customer journey.


Indulge in Miniature Marvels with Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Ad Campaign

Cadbury’s latest ad campaign for Mini Eggs is a delightful celebration of Easter’s iconic treat, captivating audiences with its ingenious craftsmanship and whimsical creativity. Through meticulous attention to detail, model maker Paul Baker brings miniature installations to life, complete with tiny ads, ladders, buckets, and even illuminated elements for night time enchantment. The campaign’s social-first approach adds an element of surprise, with videos zooming in before revealing the true scale, highlighting the product’s charm and appeal just in time for the Easter gifting season.


Adobe and The FA Unveil Inspiring Film Celebrating Women’s FA Cup Magic

In a ground-breaking collaboration between Adobe and The Football Association, the Women’s FA Cup is set to reach new heights of inspiration and engagement. Through a stunning film directed by Margot Bowman and produced by Merman Branded, the magic of the competition comes alive, celebrating the passion, energy, and inclusivity within the women’s game. Featuring Arsenal’s Alessia Russo and Manchester City’s Khiara Keating as ambassadors, the film serves as a rousing anthem to the barriers broken and dreams realised in women’s football. With Adobe’s powerful creative tools at the forefront, the film showcases the transformative impact of technology in amplifying the reach and impact of the competition, inspiring bold dreams for generations to come. This collaboration not only highlights the growing popularity of women’s football but also underscores Adobe’s commitment to fostering creativity and empowerment in sports.


Cleanipedia Shines a Light on Cleaning Challenges

Cleanipedia, in collaboration with MullenLowe, has embarked on an ingenious campaign titled “Unmentionable Stains,” aimed at tackling the taboo topic of difficult-to-remove stains. With strategically placed out-of-home sites in London featuring seemingly ordinary ads for bed sheets, men’s underwear, and sportswear during the day, the campaign takes an unexpected turn when night falls. UV lights reveal previously unseen stains, accompanied by messages from Cleanipedia offering helpful cleaning tips and a QR code linking to the brand’s TikTok videos demonstrating stain removal techniques. This innovative approach not only showcases Cleanipedia as a trusted resource for cleaning advice but also challenges societal norms surrounding discussions of cleaning challenges, positioning the brand as a non-judgmental and accessible guide for consumers seeking solutions to their cleaning dilemmas.


GambleAware’s Bold Campaign Shines a Light on Gambling Harms

GambleAware’s ground-breaking campaign, in partnership with Lucky Generals, is making waves in Birmingham and beyond with its powerful message about gambling harms. Through an innovative Perspex billboard filled with smoke, the campaign vividly captures the feelings of distraction and isolation experienced by individuals affected by gambling addiction, prompting important conversations and reducing the stigma surrounding this issue. Backed by research and supported by a range of voices, including ex-Stoke City player Tony Kelly and various national and regional partners, this initiative underscores the urgent need to address gambling harms as a public health concern. With its impactful approach and tangible results, GambleAware’s campaign is driving real change and encouraging those in need to seek help and support.


B&Q Empowering DIY Enthusiasts

B&Q’s latest advertising endeavour, directed by Elliott Power, heralds a bold departure from conventional home improvement messaging. With an epic spin on their iconic tagline, “You Can Do It,” the brand’s new ad serves as a rallying cry for hesitant DIY enthusiasts to silence their doubts and tackle household projects head-on. Embracing a tone reminiscent of sports brand campaigns, the ad confronts both external judgments and internal excuses, culminating in a triumphant moment as the protagonist demolishes a wall – and the mental barriers it represents – with a sledgehammer. Spearheaded by Uncommon, B&Q’s long-time partner agency, the campaign seeks to breathe new life and meaning into their household mantra, reclaiming the message of empowerment amidst a world filled with doubt and limitations. Complemented by out-of-home executions and a large-scale installation featuring B&Q products, the campaign promises to inspire and empower DIY enthusiasts across the UK.

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